Check By Phone Online For Websites

Many merchant services offer a business to accept the check by phone online. You just have to look for a merchant account that offers this service. Cost of these services will depend upon the number of the transaction expected to make by the customer. Service charges can be paid monthly or as per transaction fee.

Let’s understand what check by phone online is?

As its name implies that you can check the details of your check by phone online. Check by phone is an online service offered by a merchant. In this service, the merchant provides software that prints the paper check included with all information. After that, it provides electronic access to the ACH.

Many customers could not get approval for merchant accounts. The only option left to this problem is to send the funds via check or any other option. Paper check validation will take so much time to get approved. To overcome this problem, an electronic check is introduced. In this process, we can accept checks by phone online.

How check by phone online process?

Different methods are used by merchant accounts to process the checks online. The first method is to process the check transaction as an electronic fund transfer. In this method, all the necessary data is collected over the phone and entered in the computer software. After that, the data is sent to the Automated Clearing House that processes all the data and deposits the fund into the merchant’s account electronically.

In the second method, the check details are collected via phone call and created a printed check which can be deposited into the customer’s account. Mostly paper check processing takes too much of time to be cleared. Sometimes due to minor errors, the check would be bounced. As compared to paper checks, electronic check is very fast, simple, and secure to process.

Fund deposition in the account via check by phone online process.

Many customers and employees are paid by check payment. Check payment can be used for recurring payments as well. The software provided by merchants allows instant verification of the customer account information. After verification, funds are directly deposited to the account. Usually, a paper check is deposited within 2-3 business days. Electronic fund transfer transaction used in check by phone online are processed in bulk every night, and it can take 24 to 48 hours to reflect the fund into the account.  

Risk factors in check by phone online.

Debit and credit card transactions are cleared immediately while the check transaction takes some longer time to process. One more drawback is that the customer must be verified in advance for the volume of a fund that will flow through the account. It is done for fraud prevention.

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