How to Sell a Car Fast? Simple Steps to Follow

If you get your car to be advertised in a perfect way and at a perfect place and successfully sift potential buyers from a tire kicker, it’s quite easy to Sell Car at Best Price with minimum hassle. With a right blend of preparation and a little bit shove grease, your car wouldn’t take more than a couple of days to sell. To help you how we have mentioned below quite a few steps. So, remove your stress and maximize your cash when you sell your car.

Gather Required Papers

First and foremost, you should spend a bunch of minutes and locate the following items before you list your car for sale.

  • Car Title: This is also named as Pink Slip (varies from region to region). It gives you a legal right to sell your car safely and securely.
  • Check with Your Lender: It only applies if you still owe some money on your car’s loan. Simply, call your lender to find out how to arrange the sale.
  • Visit DMV: if you are not familiar with what paperwork do you need to transfer your ownership to another buyer, visit your state’s Department of Motor Vehicle (online). You will have an option to download many forms and print them out. Moreover, find out if the license plates go along with your car when it’s sold.
  • Arrange Car’s History Report: You should be proactive (extra-sharp) and order an AutoCheck Report to show a potential buyer. It also helps you answer all buyer’s potential questions – for instance, number of owners and accidents.

Set a Suitable Price

If you have determined how your car’s worth, decide then on your asking price. Have a look at your car’s value by visiting any website (according to your region) and check comparable listings for similar cars in local ads. Make sure you set a suitable price (little above than the current market for negotiation). For example, if a pricing guide recommends that your car’s worth $5000, you might set the price at approx. $5500.

Wash or Clean Up Your Car

Whenever someone arrives to see your car, you would want him/her to take only one look and say “it looks great!” That doesn’t really mean you should fix every single scratch or dent. However, wash up your car thoroughly, and remove all dust with care which is accumulated over the years. Giving your car a new look is excellent for newer – more expensive used cars. But you shouldn’t forget that the higher the price, the longer your car will take to sell.

Create an Ad

Be noted that a good amount of excellent images will definitely build confidence in potential buyer’s mind. For the best lighting, park your car in a nice location right after sunset. Capture images of your car from different angles. Don’t forget to capture an image of a driver’s seat, back seat and of course, a trunk. The experienced sellers also capture images of an odometer, tires as well as the engine.

Now create an ad and post at many places. Most of the ads will ask you to add basic information – for example, a year, model, mileage and price. To grab a buyer’s attention, it’s better to add special details about your car.

Arrange a Test Drive Safely

Once someone is willing to see your car, arrange a safe place to meet e.g. local coffee shop and if possible, bring a friend along with you. Now, let the buyer look over your car and let him test drive – go along with him. Let him drive on his/her way and respond to any of his/her questions.

Close the Deal

At last, the buyer will start negotiating. Be stick to your asking price as long as you let the buyer make an opening offer. Then start negotiating slowly and repeat numbers to make sure there is no misunderstanding between you and buyer. Before getting agreed on a deal, ask buyer which payment method he/she will choose. In case you owe some money (as mentioned above), you might need to close your deal at your bank.

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