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To avail a personal loan now days has become extremely easy.Personal loan has become most popular sources of quick money with approved online within 5 minutes and disbursal of loan within three to four days. The amount may vary from lender to lender but generally between Rs 50000 to 5 Lakhs. Despite the popularity and demand of personal loan some people are still away due to some misconception.Personal loan may be secured or unsecured. Secured loan are higher amount for any purpose against a mortgage such as house or land. Unsecured personal loans are generally used for medical emergency, credit cards bills and many more which require immediate cash. Having a good credit score it is very quiet easy to get such loans in a very quick time at a reasonable interest rate. The total loan amount depends upon your monthly income for unsecure loan and value of the asset for secured personal loan. Unsecured loan may have a higher personal loan¬†in¬†Ahmedabad interestrate because it doesn’t require any guarantor.

You can apply for it online and offline. As internet has evolved so much most of us will prefer applying it online. Before you apply for any online loan agency check there history and authentication. They may be unverified unethical agencies promising to give huge loans without documents and with very bad credit history. If you entered your banking private credential such as pin code, OTP, account number, pan card number on a fake site. Banks are not responsible for such action. While doing any online transaction they are some standards rules to follow. If we loose some money though online transaction we often blame the lender rather the technology driving the online transaction. It is very important to recheck all details entered by you before conducting online transaction. Online transaction is very fast but to perform it safely that is more important.

Here are some tips for safe online transaction

  • Do
    not use open or public Wi-Fi connection to conduct any type of online
  • Be
    In Safe and Secured Environment (avoid using public computers)
  • Use
    Different Passwords for all accounts (use strong passwords)
  • Do
    not responds to email regarding personal financial details
  • Do
    not disclose credit card and debits card pin to anyone
  • Install
    all the latest security software and check website’s digital certificate
  • If
    you feel something is suspicious close it and shut down the computer
  • Always
    Keep A Record of Transaction

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