Ways to make cardboard boxes more reliable

Cardboard is the most frequently used material. It has made its way in the packaging sector in no time. As it is highly durable, so it can be effectively used to package a wide range of products. It is perfect for the packaging and storage of goods as well as for shipment and transition. It’s the reason why various entrepreneurs prefer the use of custom cardboard boxes over other forms of packaging. Previously wooden crates were used to transport things from one place to another. The invention of cardboard replaced wood, plastic, metal and all other forms of packaging at the industrial level. Cardboard is made from wood pulp which is a naturally occurring substance. This makes it more reliable. By using high-tech printing simple looking cardboard boxes can be converted to custom ones to grasp the attention of customers at first sight. The use of custom packaging boxes can make your product stand out on retail shelves. It not only provides a mesmerizing display to the custom boxes rather it is also a great way to endorse your brand. If you want your brand to be successful you have to work on making these cardboard boxes at “TheCustomBoxes” more reliable for the customers. Below are some of the ways in this regard:

1) Choose Material Wisely:

If you ever have been into a packaging business, you might know the importance of choosing the right material for your product. The key to making cardboard boxes more reliable lies in the selection of material. Choose the material wisely at the start. Have a look of samples before finalizing. Consider the nature, weight and other aspects of your product. There are various forms of cardboard available in the market. The most basic ones are paperboard or Kraft paper. It is used to make packaging of a number of household products, food items, apparels, cosmetics and much more. It is thin and lightweight but durable enough to provide ultimate protection to these products. Cardboard is another extensively used material. It is used for shipping and transportation. Cardboard boxes are sturdy and pressure resistant which keeps the items safe from accidental damages. The strongest of all is corrugated cardboard. It is formed by fixing a fluted sheet of cardboard in between two straight layers. This structure gives it maximum strength to carry heavy items like furniture or machinery etc. It can be converted to double or triply walled depending upon your requirement. Therefore, a clear understanding of different types of material is necessary before making a perfect choice for your product’s packaging. Lavish soap boxes for branding.

2) Work on Dimensions:

Working on the dimensions of custom packaging boxes is the mandatory part of the process. A perfectly fit custom box can appear more reliable to the manufacturers as well as the customers. placing your product in a larger or a smaller size box can damage your product and increases the chance of breakage. On the other hand, designing perfect fitted custom boxes with little or no movement keeps the products at their original place and reduces the risk of damage. It’s the reason why a number of entrepreneurs prefer the use of custom cardboard boxes for their product’s packaging. The dimensions of the box depending upon the size of the product. Measure its length, width, and height. It’s wise to keep a margin of the half to one an inch to provide some space for filler material if required.

3) Undergo Proper Storage:

Cardboard is such a versatile material that can be used several times if stored properly. This increases the reliability of cardboard boxes making them appropriate for long run use. If you have a number of cardboard boxes and you want to increase their useful life, cut their taped ends. Make them flat and place them one over the other in the form of a stack. Make sure that you stacked similar size of cardboard boxes together to prevent any damage. When you need to assemble them again and re-use. The durability and reliability of cardboard boxes remain the same over time.

4) High-Tech Printing:

Cardboard boxes can be made more attractive and reliable by using advanced printing options. Opposed to other packaging materials, cardboard can undergo various printing techniques, for example, offset printing, digital printing, flexographic and screen printing. It can support an array of printing options to give an eye-catching view to the custom cardboard boxes. You can choose any color, pattern, and design depending upon your requirement. Working with attractive color schemes, captivating images and fascinating artwork adds to the value of cardboard packaging. Printing is the thing which changes the entire look of a cardboard box. You can use graphics and logos to make packaging more reliable. This not only gives a mesmerizing view but also plays an important role in the promotion of the brand. Special finishing effects like foil stamping, UV coating, and embossing etc are applied at the end to enhance its grace and add more value to it.

5) Increase the Compression Strength:

One of the proven tactics to make cardboard boxes more reliable is to increase the compression strength of the cardboard. For this purpose, the horizontal edges of the cardboard box are perforated and its vertical edges are chemically treated. The combination of this mechanical and chemical treatment increases the strength of cardboard more than its original percentage strength.